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Killingworth is a town in the heart of Tyne and Wear that is situated in a beautiful part of the north east of England. Surrounded by a desolate landscape that consists of endless fields, wild moorland, lolling hills and rugged coastlands, much of this area is as breathtaking as it is isolated. In this respect, many visitors to the region, come to enjoy outdoor pursuits like rambling, climbing, hiking and water sports across the county of Northumberland and also in neighbouring Cumbria, home to the magnificent Lake District which attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Killingworth-boating-lakeFor those who enjoy being at one with nature you will find Killingworth boating lake in close by as it spans the main road leading into the town. This was created in the 1960’s when the derelict pit sites – south of where the town centre now stands – were destroyed and this process involved levelling, soiling and seeding the land which was then planted with trees. Two lakes were formed on this 15 acre site and an abundance of wildlife has inhabited the areas ever since and visitors today will find it teeming with swans and ducks as well as many other species of birds while the waters are well stocked with many different kinds of fish making it popular with anglers in the area too. The lake is also used for some water sports too including boating and sailing activities with the local angling club and model boat club also holding regular meetings here. This is a beautiful spot for walking, bird watching or boating and is also popular among local residents for picnics during the warmer summer months.

Being in close proximity to the nearby coastal regions, there are also a variety of other water-based recreation activities that visitors and locals in the area can enjoy including sailing, surfing and kite sports. The vast open spaces of the Northumberland coast makes it perfect for windsurfing too, with Barburgh, Beadnell, Boulmer and Seaton Point beaches, all coming highly recommended in this respect. Those with a passion for surfing may even want to brave the elements of the North Sea and favourite beaches for this particular pastime include Embleton Bay, Seahouses and Warkworth. If you enjoy outdoor activities and extreme sports, then you may be familiar with the activity of Coasteering, a fairly new activity that has proven to be a very popular in Northumberland coastal areas. This combines rock climbing, swimming, scrambling and jumping skills, with participants undertaking these activities close to sea level with some opting to stay a few metres above and the more daring venturing just below the water’s surface. If the skies are blue and the sea is calm on a sunny day, this can be great fun however it is not without danger especially if the weather turns suddenly so the risks involved should not be underestimated. Therefore it is prudent to ensure that you have the proper equipment and expert guidance – preferably by someone who knows the environment and is familiar with the tide conditions in the area – as attempting this unprepared could prove deadly.

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