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There are a variety of pest control problems that may effect residents of Killingworth in the north east of England and there are many common misconceptions about what causes these infestations in the first place. Many are of the opinion, that keeping your home environment spotlessly clean will prevent such problems for arising in the first place but while some critters like flies and rodents may be attracted to leftover food and the likes, most are drawn to sterile conditions as much as dirty ones. In some case, these pests are attracted to your home because it is a clean and comfortable space where they can hole up from external weather conditions while others are looking for a warm environment for nesting purposes. Once you have a problem of this kind it can be an ongoing occurrence if it is not treated properly and preventive measures may also need to be taken to ensure it is completely eradicated.

pest-controlFortunately, there are several specialist companies of this kind in the area, that service the town of Killingworth and these include MKA Pest Control, a Durham based company that provide service all over the region for both domestic and commercial customers. This is a family run business that has been dealing with pest problems since 2003 so they have years of experience in this field and offer a professional, reliable service at very competitive rate. Prices are often cheaper than those quoted by the local authorities to deal with similar problems but they also offer a 24 hour service which will ensure your problem is dealt with promptly rather than added to a council service list that may take days or weeks to be attended too. Free estimates and advice is available and this company also prides itself on its discretion which makes them ideal for both residential and commercial premises as their unmarked vans will not advertise your pest problem to the world either! Covering all areas of pest control, their particular expertise includes eliminating a wide variety of creepy crawly insects and rodents such as rats, mice and moles as well as other birds and mammals like pigeons, seagulls, squirrels and rabbits. Fleas, cockroaches, bedbugs, wasps, bees, flies, ants and stored product insects are also among the most common pests that they are experienced in eradicating.

There are also several well known national companies that serve the Killingworth area including Rentokil who are one of the UK’s most prolific providers of pest control services, protecting homes and businesses across the country. All their technicians are fully qualified professionals (BPCA certified) and are trained to respond to customer needs with a prompt, reliable and safe service that will prove effective in eliminating the existing problem but which will also prevent future infestations from recurring. This particular company has been serving homes across the country for over 85 years so you can be sure that your premises are in safe hands when it comes to calling in expert assistance by choosing these professionals.

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