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If you have recently relocated to the town of Killingworth, then you may want to know more about doctors and healthcare services in the area, especially if you have a young family. The health of children during their formative years can be somewhat erratic especially once they start attending school. Mixing with other children in such close proximity means that when one child gets ill, the rest soon follow suit as contagious germs and childhood diseases such as measles or chickenpox will spread quickly from one to the other which can be a worrying time for parents. This is generally nothing to worry about as it is nature’s way of building up your child’s immune system making them less susceptible to such things as they grow older, however if any of your children have ongoing health issues like asthma or eczema that may need regular attention then you will want find the right general practitioner who is familiar with their medical history to ensure they get the best possible treatment when required.

medicalYou will find several GP doctors in residence at the East Citadel within the town’s White Swan Centre right in the heart of Killingworth next to the lake. This is a private general practice that provides services relating to health care for men, women and children and there are several doctors in residence here. These include Dr Katherine R Greenough, Dr Kelachandra P Abraham, Dr Priadarsh Sandhu and Dr Vini Dewan offering treatments for everything from diabetes to asthma and family planning to maternity check ups. Additional services include the issue of repeat prescriptions, travel health consultations and cervical health checks as well as acupuncture, minor surgery and primary care. This practice is open from 8.45am daily and open until 6pm most nights although some GPs also run later clinics on certain nights until 8pm.

For those who prefer to register with a National Health Service GP, then the Wellspring Medical Practice is another doctors’ surgery that is also located in Killingworth’s White Swan Centre and provides high quality healthcare to over 5,000 NHS patients in the area. Opening hours here are from 7.30am to 6pm Mondays and Wednesdays, 8.30am until 6pm on Tuesdays, 8am until 6pm on Thursday and from 7.15am until 6pm on a Friday. If you need a home visit then it is best to call the surgery direct before 10am to arrange an appointment while emergency out of hours GP services can be arranged by contacting the North Tyneside Primary Care Trust who operate a 24 hour helpline. There are five GPs in residence here who are supported by four nurses, a health visitor, a pharmacist and 8 administrative staff on site plus two community nurses and midwives too. The nearest NHS hospital in the area is located south east of the town and this is the South Tyneside Foundation Trust which can be reached by taking the A19 to the A194 ramp for South Tyneside and Gateshead then following the signs for the hospital form there.

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