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Killingworth is in the Tyne and Wear district of Northumberland so if you have recently moved to the area and have children that you want to get into the education system then there are several schools in the area that serve the town and its residents.

There are three primary schools in the town of Killingworth for children aged eleven and under as well as a local high school for secondary education for children aged eleven and upwards. Recent times have seen some changes to this system, which previously operated on three separate schooling levels – First, Middle and High – but now this has been simplified to a two-tier system instead. ScoolsWest Moor Primary school is situated on the town’s Southgate and this is one of the oldest establishments of its kind in the education system today. The first school building was constructed in the area back in the 19th Century and since then two further buildings have replaced the original but the proud traditions associated with its teaching history are still upheld today. A recent addition to the current building includes well-resourced classrooms and play areas for nursery aged children through to year 6, a purpose built computer suite, a large well-equipped hall, attractive library and a large community room. Outside facilities include a landscaped play area – designed for with your children’s safety at the forefront – and an adjacent sports field. All children are expected to participate in regular P.E with appropriate attire worn which consists of a white t-shirt and royal, black or white shorts with bare feet or gym shoes for indoor lessons while outdoor pursuits will require tracksuit bottoms, a sweatshirt and trainers. The school also has an official uniform in that is compulsory for all pupils and this is comprised of a royal blue polo shirt and sweatshirt or cardigan in the same colour with either grey or black skirts/trousers. The Sweatshirts, cardigans and polo-shirts are available to order from the school and should also be embroidered by with the school logo, which was designed by a parent of one of the pupils, while the school discourages any clothing with brand names and sports logos to be worn on the premises.

Additional primary schools in the town include Amberley Primary School on East Bailey and Bailey Green on West Bailey. The former has a similar number of pupils to West Moor while the latter is a bigger establishment with a larger number of children in attendance. Older children (aged 11-18) entering secondary education will be eligible for enrolment at the Killingworth’s George Stephenson High School on Southgate. This was named after the inventor George Stephenson, a local visionary who hailed from this area and the school’s name reflects the standard of achievements it expects from its pupils. Academic excellence as well as self-improvement to encourage a bright future for pupils is at the forefront of the school’s agenda and this has proven to be a successful policy as the percentage of students achieving 5 A*-C grades has grown and continues to improve year on year, with the school identified as one of the most improved schools in the country on two occasions in recent years.

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